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16 Jun 2024

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Are you ready to embrace mindfulness, relaxation and self-discovery? Contact Diamond Mountain Retreat Center to apply for your volunteer, self-less service program today!

Location Information

Diamond Mountain Retreat Center is located in the serene Chiricahua Mountains of Southeastern AZ.  Visitors and volunteers enjoy breathtaking views that foster positivity and personal transformation.  Wildlife the likes of birds, deer, javelina, rabbits, foxes and a variety of reptile species also dwell within the retreat area.

Most food available at Diamond Mountain Retreat is gathered from the permaculture gardens on location.  However, Diamond Mountain recommends that all visitors bring groceries to the location that will sustain them for the duration of their stay.  The DMRC location is remote for the most fulfilling experience of the guests’ immersion in nature. Guests are reminded that the closest grocery store is 45 minutes away in the nearest town.

Contact Diamond Mountain

Interested in learning more about Diamond Mountain Retreat Center’s programs and other retreat opportunities?  Contact a member of staff directly by calling (520) 775-1921 today!

Alternatively, you may contact DMRC via one of the following email addresses:

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