It’s hard to declare your needs to someone if you’ve never communicated them out loud before. It may feel even a little bit selfish to say what your boundaries are. It’s tough when we’re expected to be ready for anything life throws at us, at all moments of the day. It makes us anxious and socialized to be people pleasers.

Diamond Mountain Retreat Center Self Discovery and Self Care
Image: Pexels

But what if you filled your own cup first? Meaning: what if you communicate your personal needs first and then set that boundary towards others before you try to help them? Fulfilling your own needs first is healthy because it allows you to show up for others in a more whole way. 

Most of us know the feeling of burning the candle at both ends, but if we allow ourselves to discuss our needs to friends, family, our bosses, we might be surprised by their responses. Maybe your boss will extend a deadline so you can catch up on your sleep, or maybe a friend will do something nice for you if you tell them about your current struggles. 
The point is, we can’t be the best version of ourselves for others until we take care of ourselves first. If you’re struggling with discovering your needs and communicating them in healthy ways, come visit us at Diamond Mountain Retreat Center. We have upcoming events that can help teach you new methods of self-discovery and communication. We’d love to have you.