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25 Jul 2024

Diamond Mountain Retreat Center is a nonprofit organization that promotes selfless renewal. Through volunteer opportunities, DMRC encourages its participants to develop on personal inner growth and selfless service.

Embrace mindfulness and relaxation at Diamond Mountain Retreat Center through self-exploration and self-discovery!

Mission & Values

In 2002, Diamond Mountain Retreat Center was established in the hopes of transforming the lives of others.  The nonprofit is known for helping individuals achieve a deeper sense of inner happiness that positively impacts those around them.  DMRC firmly believes in each individual’s ability to transform his/her life by practicing compassion, wisdom and meditation.

The mission of the nonprofit organization is to introduce others to a balanced and meaningful lifestyle.  This sense of purpose is earned through volunteer work and selfless service. DMRC participants, volunteers and staff are guided by values of ethical life, service, inclusivity and ecology.

You bring the seeds — Diamond Mountain Retreat Center lends you the support you need to grow into a fulfilled version of yourself.

Individual Retreat & Volunteer Programs

Diamond Mountain Retreat Center’s 1,000 acre property is home to 27 unique living spaces.  Built for self-sustainability and retreat purposes, these homes are solar energy powered with composting toilets.  The homes also utilized propane appliances. These features are designed to take ecology and the environment into account.  DMRC participants are encouraged to embrace a lifestyle that compassionately considers the ecosystem and minimizes one’s own carbon footprint.

When visiting Diamond Mountain, individuals choose to reside in one of the location’s 27 retreat houses.  Surrounded by a stunning mountainous landscape, visitors retreat to these houses in order to embrace a simple lifestyle.  During each stay, these individuals learn to appreciate nature and simple living in a sustainable and positive manner.

Individual retreat participants often contribute to selfless service initiatives at DMRC.  These volunteer and service opportunities assist the participant as much as the nonprofit location itself.  Volunteer programs include:

  • Live the Life of Service (1 month program)
  • Serve & Study (2 – 4 week program)

Volunteers typically serve 30 hours per week, on average.  Volunteer work includes hospitality and cleaning, maintenance, landscaping and cooking.  All volunteer obligations are balanced between learning activities and study programs.