If you follow Diamond Mountain Retreat Center on Instagram, you would see that we have a talk coming up August 7 on the history of Stupas and how they’ve influenced history and architecture. Sign up today if you’d like to attend the event live (and yes, it is available via Zoom!)

Diamond Mountain Retreat Center - What is a Stupa
Image: Pexels

But first we must understand, what is a stupa and why do we have them? A stupa is typically a dome-shaped structure or landmark used to signify a shrine or place of prayer and holds relics. They are often quite tall and can be found throughout southeast Asia. If you ever get the chance to visit one, you may see others quietly observing around the structure, so please be respectful of others and give them space for their own experiences.
Stupas may be plain or very ornate. The detailing of a stupa is unique to each structure and each tells a different story. If you’re curious to learn more, join us in our stupa talk on August 7! Follow the Diamond Mountain Retreat Center blog for more information on mindfulness and self-discovery.