Here at Diamond Mountain Retreat Center, we strive to provide space for retreat goers to experience selfless service. But you may be wondering, what is selfless service? Or, how do I accomplish selfless service?

Diamond Mountain Retreat Center Selfless Service
Image: Pexels

For starters, we aim to make space for the ego to take a backseat role and allow for group responsibilities amongst all visitors. Having an emphasis on the group rather than the individual allows room for individuals to grow and lead some area of responsibility for the benefit of others.

At its core, selfless service means doing things to not benefit yourself, but rather other individuals who could benefit from your actions. This can be accomplished through volunteerism at the center, or sharing some knowledge or skill that would benefit the group.

Selfless service is meant to be humbling, not braggadocious. If you’re thinking about promoting your service on social media, perhaps you should meditate on why you feel compelled to share your experience…perhaps it’s the ego speaking?
Either way, we could always use volunteers at Diamond Mountain. Be sure to contact us for any upcoming events that you’re interested in volunteering at!