Diamond Mountain Retreat Center is hosting a free, online event September 4th discussing all things Stupas! We’ll be discussing the different meanings of stupas and symbols found within them. The event is open to all, no matter your affiliation or stupa knowledge! 

Diamond Mountain Retreat Center Stupas Event
Image: Pexels

Stupas are magnificent architectural structures that bear strong historical significance to many spiritualities and religions. Join Hanlie and Sunam as they discuss these distinctions and what they mean to us observers today. Perhaps you have your own experience with stupas you’d like to share, too!

Stupas are dated back to the late 4th century BCE, which makes them some of the oldest surviving landmarks and structures to this day. What first originated in India slowly made its way to Asia, southeast Asia, and eventually as far as Europe. Each culture has adapted slightly different meanings and intentions with their stupas, but each holds importance for gatherings and meetings within each culture.
To learn more about stupas and their meanings, check out our Facebook page for more details on the event!