Believe it or not, being in the present moment does not always have to equal sitting cross-legged on the ground with your eyes closed. It is simply the practice of grounding, recognizing the stimulus around you and within you. It doesn’t need to be a hard concept to grasp.

Image: Pexels

Much like how some people choose to focus on their breath, you can choose to be present in any way that allows you to focus and be thoughtful. Gardening and outdoor hobbies are great ways to practice this because you can focus on the task at hand, uninterrupted. 

To make your gardening a more thoughtful experience, think about the tasks you are trying to accomplish and how each task helps life to flourish. You know the exact amount of water needed to sustain and grow new life, how is that? What clues do you have from the plant that indicate to you when it needs watering?

Think about trimming brown leaves off of stems. How do you know this is important? By carefully picking off brown leaves, one by one, you make room for new sprouts to grow. In fact, you’re carefully assisting mother nature in her fruitful endeavors. 

Do you notice how your plants bend their shape towards the sun? Reflect on the shape your plants take in the morning versus the evening light. See if they open their petals more during direct sunlight or not. Think about the hard work they are putting in to bloom to the best of their ability.

What can you learn from gardening your plants? What lessons are they trying to teach you? Reflecting in these ways might help you become more grounded and present in your daily life when things get too hectic.
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