Vaccines are readily available, people are returning back to work, and some states have lifted their mask mandates and states-of-emergency. This is all great news, right? In theory, yes- however, after living in confusion and panic for an entire year, it can be difficult to go back to acting how we did before the pandemic began.

Diamond Mountain Retreat Center - Calming Anxiety

Photo by Liza Summer from Pexels

For many people, it feels daunting to trust complete strangers with their health (and your own) in public spaces. Questions about whether they are vaccinated, who they’ve been in contact with, and if they still wear a mask when appropriate are all valid worries emerging out of the end of the pandemic. 

While it can be difficult to trust local governments and businesses, you can always wear your mask and social distance in ways that make you feel safe and comfortable. Remember that you can always return to your breath when you feel your anxiety rise, and you can always pause to center yourself in the current moment.
As we begin to swing back into our routines, remember you can always come back to Diamond Mountain Retreat Center for classes and guidance to help center yourself during these transitory times.