Not sure if Diamond Mountain Retreat Center’s programs are for you? Hear from a 6-year program participant, Lama Ani Pelma.

So you’re interested in one of Diamond Mountain’s programs.  But you’re not so sure that you’re ready to commit.  In Video 10 of DMRC’s video series, former participant, Lama Ani Pelma, happily shares her story.  Her entry explains the value of purification — that is, the escape from modern society’s negatives, such as life-consuming electronics and social media.

A certified veteran of Diamond Mountain Retreat Center, Lama Ani Pelma took part in a 6 year program.  During this time, she not only purified her mind, but also regained her spirit and strengthened her soul.  She credits the experience with making a truly impactful difference in her life.  Check out her video to hear the full story.