We love sharing visitor experiences at Diamond Mountain Retreat Center! Here are some words from recent visitors of DMRC:

There was nothing lacking in order to do a good and successful retreat. It was comfortable and warm. The vegetarian and vegan meals were wonderful. The environment is astonishingly diverse and the quietude is very precious. — Alexandra

I loved my stay at Diamond Mountain – thank you to all the staff and volunteers for making it a perfect sanctuary to learn and progress along the path! What a blessing to be able to stay in a place where there are such knowledgeable teachers and where there is silence (both for my ears and my eyes since the cottages are nicely spread apart) so I can keep my mind focused. — Rachana

I’m enormously thankful with Diamond Mountain (the place and the people) because we have and opportunity to change our lives in a perfect place -like nowhere in this world- with amazing people -like none in this planet- and amazing and priceless teachings. When I said “we”, I mean people all over the world.

— Victor