Diamond Mountain Retreat Center is proud to have helped numerous individuals realign, relax and refocus. Here are some testimonials that highlight the unique experience of previous participants of DMRC programs:

Tucker Peck – eSangha

“I picked Diamond Mountain for the beauty.. And for the price!  Our group … loved the grounds and the beauty of the [DMRC] grounds.”

Alexandra Lassing – Austria

“… comfortable and warm. The environment is astonishingly diverse … [and] safe with so much freedom to develop myself.”

Rachana Bhatia – United States

“[At] Diamond Mountain, I have been exposed to invaluable teachings that … help me understand the world around me. I have met people who I now … hold as dear friends.”

Victor Gonzales – United States

“… we have an opportunity to change our lives in a perfect life.  [DMRC] is like nowhere in this world! Amazing people … and priceless teachings!”

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