The art of relaxation can be a difficult skill to embrace. But once you’ve entered the deepest realm of relaxation, you’ll find that your stress and anxiety completely melts away. If you’re new to the process, here is a breathing technique you can try with guidance from Diamond Mountain.

Breathe in.  Breathe out.  Relax.

The whole process is often easier said than done.  But that’s okay.  Learning how to relax is just like anything else:  it takes time, patience and practice.  At Diamond Mountain Retreat Center, we often encourage our guests to embrace relaxation through their breathing.  Practicing breathing in this manner may actually help you come closer to achieving the relaxation you’re after: 

  1. Close your eyes.

It’s often the first step to relaxation!

  1. Breathe in.

Imagine that your breath is drawing in positivity.

  1. Breathe out.

Imagine that you are expelling and pushing out any and all negativity.

  1. Breathe in again.

Draw in positive thoughts with your breath.

Continue.  Repeat.  Relax and renew.