With many people under stress due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Diamond Mountain reminds everyone that there is healing in relaxation and renewal.

Last week, we introduced our readers to Diamond Mountain Retreat Center’s guided remote relaxation.  This program is available for all to participate in via a YouTube playlist hosted by Ven. Gyelse and Ven. Sunam of DMRC.  Today, we’d like to remind you of the value of this opportunity — especially if the COVID-19 pandemic is causing you a great deal of stress!

In a time of social distancing, quarantine and the uncertainty of a contagious virus, COVID-19 has turned many lives upside down.  For many, stress, concern and worry are normal emotions on the day to day — even if this was never the case before.  Now more than ever, relaxation and renewal are important to take into consideration.  By embracing self-exploration and self-discovery during these uncertain times, you can regain your life and your positive emotions.

This pandemic is causing a great deal of emotional distress for all at this time.  Understanding this concern, Diamond Mountain extends a warm invitation to anyone interested in giving their brand of relaxation a chance.  It may just be what you need to realign your focus and regain your happiness!